It comes from a small production batch: 2x 300L barrels made from Pinot Noir clones MV4 and MV6, with grapes sourced from a select parcel of a vineyard in Dixons Creek with a north/north-eastern exposition. The vines are approximately 30 years old. 2016 was quite a challenging year for Pinot and we still managed to hold fruit and freshness. The winemaking was focussed on fruit expression: whole berries in fermentation, 5 days cold maceration, fermentation below 25 degrees celsius and a maceration post AF of 6 days. The wine went through MLF in barrels. With only 2 barrels, the choice of tonnelier was critical to get fine grain without overpowering the wine. We chose to use the Burgundy Rousseau for its elegance. Regular tastings led to racking off the wine out of barrels after 3 months. The oak support was enough for the wine and it was bottled soon after. Minimal sulphur used only at bottling.

Total production: 800 bottles

Variety: 100% Pinot Noir. Clones MV4 and MV6.

Alcohol: 13.5%